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Protecting Your Tomorrow, Today


We provide professionally tailored solutions 

The United States Geological Survey’s recent study has determined that the probability of California experiencing a 6.7 magnitude quake over the next 30 years is 99%. The likelihood that a quake of magnitude 7.5 or greater during this period is 46% is an online Risk Management portal where we educate and offer disaster preparedness. We review areas of exposure that include existing business and personal obligations to the unfortunate extra expenses that are your reality after a major event. Our site is a one-stop destination that provides services and products to better risk manage your assets not only before but after an event. We have chosen a group of Business Partners that are experienced in seismic retrofitting, general construction, hazard cleanup/remediation, commercial real estate relocation, earthquake preparedness kits and earthquake insurance.








We appreciate that the public has a choice when it comes to protecting their assets, and demands not only competence, but clarity, innovation and accountability. These four traits are the Hallmark of the environment that we have cultivated and practiced for the past thirty-two (32) years.

Competence: Expertise That You Can Rely On 

Our team comprises industry experts with extensive knowledge in risk management and earthquake insurance. We understand the nuances of seismic risks and are adept at crafting strategies to mitigate them. 

Clarity: Transparent and Understandable Solutions 

We believe in demystifying insurance jargon. Our communication is straightforward, making complex concepts accessible and understandable. We empower you with all the necessary information, allowing you to make decisions with clarify and confidence.

Innovation: Forward-Thinking in Risk Management 

We're constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our services and solutions, ensuring they are effective and efficient. In a world where risks evolve rapidly, our team is flexible and quick to adapt, ensuring that your needs are met with the most current and effective strategies.

Accountability: A Commitment You Can Count On

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct, ensuring that your trust in us is well-placed. We are accountable for delivering results that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Before we take on a new client we review what it is that they are looking for in a Risk Manager. If both parties believe that the relationship will be mutually beneficial for the long term, we move forward. We like our clients and we strive to create and maintain the best working relationship possible. In return we have a retention ratio of more than 97%. Our clients are intelligent, loyal and appreciate the high level of professionalism that we bring to the table.

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